Client Success Stories

Patrick Hayes

Senior IT Team Leader

As a senior team leader, I wanted to get help with better communication skills and conflict management to help meetings and negotiations with colleagues to run smoother.

Working on my values and a relationship intelligence model with Jean spread out over a few months entirely changed my relationships and interactions I was having with colleagues for the better.  The coaching was very challenging as it made me reflect and take a good look at myself and take responsibility for some traits and areas I needed to develop. 

Focusing on what outcomes I want to achieve now helps me match the behaviour and communications skills I need to make that happen.  Jean’s probing questions helped me reality check and see situations for how they really are.  She is very solution-driven, has a great attitude and a skill for taking the tension out of uncomfortable conversations. As a result of Jean’s coaching, I am now influencing and leading my team through our peak times with more ease.  I have worked hard to create a more positive environment, and this is evident in how our team is engaging way better together.  I will continue to use the relationship strategies well into the future.  Jean genuinely cares about people and is a powerful coach with so much knowledge of human behaviour and how to elevate your skills and capabilities to the next level.   Coaching is not a ‘nice to have’ it is a ‘must’ if you want to be an effective team leader.  If you are serious about your development and professional performance, then I strongly recommend getting in touch with Jean. 

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