Executive & Workplace Coaching

Executive and workplace coaching is geared at helping people nurture development and growth to evolve in ever-changing fast-paced work environments. It offers an opportunity to form a co-active partnership and overcome challenges or embark on exciting opportunities and goals that may feel overwhelming and daunting.

Letting the support of the coaching process into the equation means you are not dealing with challenges on your own. Instead, you are increasing your success rate for accelerating results and minimising vulnerability and risk factors that may otherwise go against you.

Identifying and developing competencies and behaviours at a new level of consciousness is essential for enhancing productivity, performance, change management, self-management and stress-management.

Working life can be challenging and isolating in terms of keeping up with the busyness of day-to-day pressures. Multiple layers of interactions, demands and distractions in the work environment lead a lot of people to perform on autopilot, under-resourcing their actual resources, capabilities, skills and potential. It ultimately affects performance, functionality, stress levels and well-being.

Bridging Human Behaviour Gaps

Coaching with a whole-system human behaviour with neuroscience and neurobiology approach accelerates getting to the heart of bridging human behaviour gaps. Thus, elevating personal and professional effectiveness and transformation. Meeting people where they are currently 'at', exploring the story behind the agenda and the outcomes people want to achieve, give clarity and focus. It is geared at transitioning people incrementally through heuristic learning, development and growth to achieve meaningful results.

Why Choose Executive and Workplace Coaching

Our new ‘normal’ is one of growing complexities, intensity, and challenges:
Overcome challenges or embark on exciting opportunities and goals that may feel overwhelming and daunting
Employee performance under constant review

Fear and uncertainty of job security - organisational restructuring – downsizing, redundancy, outsourcing

Employee turnover – people leave jobs to get away from people – teams, managers, leaders and influencers need high emotional intelligence skills to retain valued and talented employees
Customers, stakeholders, investors – wanting more with faster turnarounds
Employability responsibility – take ownership and responsibility to demonstrate high emotional intelligence skills and behaviours that add value to your career and the business
Performance and career development in tactical and dynamic upskilling – supporting performance sustainability
A co-active and co-creative coaching partnership support:

Benefits to You:

Increasing levels of self-awareness, self-management, more consciousness and presence

Relationship Intelligence – improving communication skills. Align intentions with impact. Fostering mutually satisfying working relationships. Influencing with ease and without conflict

Emotional Intelligence Skills - Habits and Behaviour Investment Development to support problem-solving and decision making

Stress Management Skills Development - increased self-management – Neuro Performance and Wellness

Developing and growing your potential in your current role

Promotion prospects – set yourself up for change and step into a new role with confidence and certainty

Managing expectations – effective project and goal setting

Team leader effectiveness - effective conflict resolution and negotiating strategies

Defining vision, purpose and success with an effective strategy and action plan to enable following through

Increasing confidence, assertiveness and independence skills elevating self-directed and motivational levels, enhancing you to show up ready to engage positively 

Explore Executive & Workplace Coaching

The Coaching Process

Providing a confidential and safe space to open up and explore, the coaching process is tailored to meet…
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The Ultimate Coaching Aim

The ultimate aim is bringing people into a sustainable ‘emerge space’ supporting generative learning, growth…

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Life Coaching

Often outside of our career professions, we can experience challenges and struggles in our personal lives. Extenuating circumstances can crop up, fester and become overwhelming to deal with. They can escalate to the point of enormity, where it is difficult to know where to start and how to take the first steps to deal with it all and finding solutions.

Where one aspect of our life is leaking, be it financial, relationships, unforeseen change, making life-changing decisions, or wellness challenges, it can take its toll. Undoubtedly it has a domino effect of leaking into other areas of our lives, affecting happiness, fulfilment, functionality and coping skills which can potentially impact your professional performance.

Jean’s whole-system humanistic approach, encourages and advocates wellness and balance in all aspects of peoples’ lives. Her coaching methods bridge the gaps where resistance to change naturally shows up.

Life Coaching significantly gives support and structure, enabling you to take the first steps to break down the challenge(s) and removing the enormity. It supports overcoming the vulnerability and isolation mentally, emotionally and physically. The coaching gets you into a space where you are dealing with challenges and taking on action until you come out the other side, in a new resolved and sustainable place.

Coaching will review and evaluate your 'here and now' and 'where you want to get to', bridging the gaps in the process. Forming a co-active partnership to create meaningful goals, understanding desired outcomes, reviewing options and designing actions to help get you there. No different from all the various coaching services Jean offers, there will be milestones set, monitoring, adjusting and evaluating progress until you transition into a fulfilling 'emerge space' with clear thinking and clarity.

All one-to-one coaching sessions are packed with tools and practical and helpful resources to support you transitioning between sessions until you fully emerge equipped with sustainability methods that bridge to your success well into your future.

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