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Under Jean's Master Coach with Neuroscience umbrella, she delivers quality coaching services in Performance, Change Management and Stress Management.  These areas are covered in Executive, Workplace and Life coaching, Neuro Wellness, Emotional Intelligence, and Career coaching to mention some. Jean provides one-to-one and group coaching in multiple areas of whole-system human behaviour effectiveness to individuals, teams, career and business professionals.

Jean's co-active style of coaching is bridging gaps in human behaviour, elevating personal effectiveness, optimising performance and potential, enabling people to move forward with system management, sustainability and wellness success.  Her methods lend to nurturing and facilitating change, heuristic learning, growth and development personally and professionally. 

Jean's coaching advocates supporting effective communication, relationship management, elevated mindset and lifestyle wellness and stress management skills. Exploring opportunities and challenges to overcome internal and external risk factors, be it with yourself, others and complexities in your environment.

Why work with Jean?

With over 20 years' experience working in the corporate environment, Jean has gained a significant understanding of the challenges and opportunities it presents. Her natural caring and determined energy and presence draw her towards connecting with people where she immerses in their world at a deep level to understand their unique needs.
Thanks to the advancement of coaching with neuroscience, it acts as an accelerating change agent in forming co-active partnerships with people. Coaching with neuroscience bridge gaps in human behaviour, elevating personal and professional effectiveness and performance to achieve 'real results' supporting anchored transformation as you continue to evolve well into your future. The benefits can be discovered in the Nuts & Bolts section below and within the range of Services offered.

Coaching Nuts & Bolts

Exploring Coaching

At The Heart of Co-Active Coaching

Jean values the uniqueness and individuality that everyone has to offer. The strengths, potential, resources….

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Coaching with Neuroscience

The ultimate game-changer is coaching with neuroscience. Coaching with neuroscience is taking a whole…

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Bridging Talent Gaps

Jean has developed a great passion for understanding and applying whole system human behaviour methods…
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Inner Game Coaching

Through advancements in neuroscience and mind body coaching techniques ‘inner game’ coaching allows people…
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Ripple Results Impact

Jean provides a safe, confidential, non-judgemental environment, skillfully creating and co-regulating a…

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Future Sustainability

A significant part of coaching is creating 'new thinking' and options, designing meaningful actions, reality testing…

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