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mBIT represents multiple Brain Integration Techniques. The latest findings in neuroscience have proven ancient wisdom that we have not only one, but three brains! In addition to the brain in the head, we also have a brain in our ‘heart’ and in our gastrointestinal system known as the ‘gut-brain’. These brains have different prime functions and communicate with us in three different ways.

We don’t always know how to listen and access our three brains. However, once working in synchronicity, they help us make more effective decisions and follow through on taking courageous action in our business, careers and personal life.

mBIT coaching techniques used on its own, or combined with the other neuro performance coaching modalities Jean uses is a breakthrough experience in terms of identifying which brain(s) a person is accessing and operating from. mBIT is a fundamental approach to accessing our whole-system human resources.

Where Did mBIT Originate From?

Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka authors of mBraining – multiple Braining, based on years of NLP behavioural modelling have created a powerful coaching model – mBIT. The purpose of the model is for accessing the intelligence in all three brains. Aligning the wisdom and using it optimally for the best possible results in work and personal life. Check-out: http://www.mbraining.com/ for extended research and proven facts.

In short, the same neurogenesis process that occurs in our head brain also happens in our heart and gut brains. Neurogenesis is the continuous generation of neurons (brain cells) throughout our life span.

The heart and gut neural networks ‘our brains located in the body’ are highly adaptive. No different than our head brain, the heart and gut brains are and capable of functions such as learning, memory, personality and growing new neural pathways. What this ultimately means is we can access them and actively educate them for higher intuition and better decision making.

mBIT coaching techniques have made a significant impact globally in the workplace and the world of business: http://www.mbraining.com/mbit-and-leadership

Why Choose mBIT Coaching?

Have you ever…
Experienced a tug of war with your head telling you one thing and your heart dragging you in a different direction?
Been clear in your heart and head on what you want to do but unable to pluck up the courage to take action?
Been frazzled and overwhelmed, struggling to make clear decisions?
Experienced high levels of procrastination interfering with putting plans into action?
Suffered with internal conflict between thoughts, feelings and behaviours?

Experienced diving headlong into ‘action’ and suffered the consequences afterwards with intentions not aligning with the desired impact?

Experienced high levels of stress around resistance to change or making big life-changing decisions personally or professionally?

Felt that you are not entirely in tune with the real you and that your actions aren’t in line with your true character and potential?

If you are experiencing any of the above, it is likely that your three brains are not fully aligned. This is where the mBIT specialised coaching techniques come into play. mBIT coaching supports and helps you align and integrate your head, heart and gut-brain resources to access your full wisdom.

How Will I benefit from mBIT?

Learn how to balance your autonomic nervous system through mBIT techniques to relieve stress quickly

Cultivate new levels of self-awareness and consciousness to enable accessing your three brain resources
Align creativity and decision making with the courage to follow through on actions
Develop consistent clarity on effective and purposeful decision making
Become clear on your values that are driving your actions
Overcome resistance to change and obstacles in the way of taking on action
Intercept risks and challenges to avoid pitfalls
Gain identity clarity of who you are and what your purpose is
Self-preservation – building healthy effective boundaries
Unblock potential, talent and capabilities – enabling goals and desired outcomes

mBIT coaching is a profound way of tapping into your inner human resources for generative learning and accessing your three brain resources highest expressions of wisdom.

One-to-one coaching sessions typically range anything from 4-6 sessions depending on individual agendas and desired outcomes.

Exploring mBIT Coaching

Accessing Your Human Resources – Aligning Your Three Multiple Brains:

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Who is mBIT Coaching Helping?

Individuals seeking to elevate intrapersonal skills enhancing interpersonal skills. Workplace Professionals…
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