Professional Career Coaching

In our ever-changing global career climate, most people, when they look at their lives, say that there is a gap between what they aspired to be in their career and what they settled for in their career.

Peoples’ jobs are far more than just an income or about monetary rewards. Our jobs give us a sense of belonging, worth and value. A career change of any sort is one of the most unsettling and daunting experiences you can face in your life.

Career coaching will bridge that gap resulting in a higher level of satisfaction and fulfilment. The primary purpose is to alleviate that struggle, bringing clarity and direction to support you in achieving progress and control in this part of your life.

Why Choose Career Coaching:

Career change and exploration

Stuck in a career rut and don’t know where to start

Start your own business – becoming self-employed

Personal career development – evolve your world – nurture growth and development
Career related challenges
Relationship Management Skills Development
Emotional Intelligence Skills Development
Work-Life balance – Neuro Wellness
Stress Management Skills – show up ready to engage with confidence
Promotion Prospects – set yourself up for change stepping into a new role
Returning to work after a career break

How Career Coaching Benefits You:

Understand what your potential is and how you can leverage it
Explore options for career choice
Reality testing options and unravelling blindspot
Support informed decisions – whole-system balance
Align job choice and company choice to personal purpose
Highlight areas that need attention before facing the market place
Increase self-awareness and confidence in moving forward
Overcome barriers and resistance to change to enable stepping outside your comfort zone
Accelerate the process by having clear direction, vision and purpose
Gain clarity on career focus to know what you want and what success means to you
Effective career communication
Enabling strategies - Designing actions, structure and accountability to stay on track and reach goal (s)
Regular progress evaluation – monitoring and adjusting to ensure desired results
New levels of value, self-belief, purpose, motivation in your career success supported with positive mind tools
Establish motivators and drivers
Clarity on professional brand identity tied into your values and beliefs system
Shift from fixed mindset to growth mindset – attitude and anticipation preparation. Pre-empting and getting ahead of any obstacles.
Visibility, networking and market place preparation.
Exploring Career Coaching

Bridging Talent Gaps

Coming from a background of 20 years’ experience in the fast-paced corporate world and extended coaching…

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Who is Career Coaching Helping?

Career coaching works with and supports people who are seeking: a job change, career transition, a new quality of life…
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Aim of Career Coaching

Coaching will give you the opportunity to brainstorm, self-explore, evaluate your skills and transferrable skills…

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The coaching process is tailored to your individual needs, and typically anything from 4-6 one-to-one 60-minute coaching sessions is required. All services can be delivered online.

Each one-to-one coaching session is packed with tools and practical and helpful resources to support you transitioning between sessions. Career coaching is designed and delivered for you to emerge with sustainability to move forward in your professional career with clarity and confidence.

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