Career Transitioning and Outplacing

Is a career support service provided to employers when they are undergoing organisational restructure and change. When downsizing, outsourcing and redundancy occurs, it can cause a lot of disruption and uncertainty amongst employees. The impact is further compounded if the change is being implemented and accelerated at a fast and unexpected pace.

It is a difficult time for all employees involved and a time when a real human approach needs to be adopted to alleviate and minimise the ripple effects of unsettlement, be that for employees that are leaving or remaining on.

Peoples’ jobs are far more than just an income or about monetary rewards. Our jobs give us a sense of belonging, worth and value. A career transition of any sort is one of the most unsettling and daunting experiences you can face in your life.

Why Choose Career Transitioning Services?

Supporting the organisation through the transition period with compassion and focus, Jean brings a strong presence of reframing and positive ‘feed-forward’ momentum to overcome the natural resistance to change experienced by employees.

Recognising that it is not one size fits all in terms of where each employee will be ‘at’ with organisational change being implemented is a crucial approach to identify individual employee needs. Adopting a ‘whole-system’ humanistic approach with the following options caters specifically for employee needs:

Career Coaching - Next steps for focused career planning and exploration

Personal career development – evolve your world – nurture development and growth. Enhance your relationship with yourself, others and in your environment Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Positive outlook and stress management skills Neuro Wellness Coaching

Harnessing confidence and courage – enabling positive ‘feed-forward’ momentum

Employer Benefits

In our ever-changing global career climate, when tough decisions are being made, employers are getting an opportunity to alleviate the struggle in providing smooth career transitioning services for employees. You will have peace of mind in taking responsibility and providing a duty of care to your employees during the transition period to offer clarity and new career direction for employees leaving. Equally, you are providing reassurance to employees remaining on, that you do look after and value your workforce, especially in times of organisational restructuring.

Reframe the transition into a positive ‘feed-forward’ for employees moving on. This helps your reputation and alleviates tensions experienced during the process.

It increases your ability to retain key staff and offer reassurance in times of change
Supports future growth and a positive culture - projecting a positive image to customers, stakeholders, investors, remaining employees and future employees
Reduce and alleviate symptoms of uncertainty, lack of autonomy, lack of fairness, anger, fear and insecurity associated with transitioning
Helping employees set themselves up for future career success
Allowing employees leaving to regain a sense of autonomy and confidence in moving forward on a new career path
An opportunity for employees to evaluate and explore their career options; finding their next job quickly; upskilling career development; seeking education and training opportunities

Jean's experience of having come through several career transitions makes her ideal in terms of understanding and relating to the process and impact involved. It enables her to deliver a mix of sensitive and positive energy flow, meeting employees where they are 'at'. Pacing individuals, guiding and navigating them through the transition period enabling structure and strategy to overcome resistance to change.

The ultimate goal in the process is to support employees with a 'whole-system' approach for balance and wellness. Bridging career gaps, emerging with sustainability to move forward positively and confidently with clarity to enable stepping into their new career path with renewed focus and energy.

What’s the Next Step?

Contact me for a consultation to discuss your organisational needs. Specific one-to-one and group coaching packages can be tailored and contracted to meet both employer and employee needs. All services can be delivered online.
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