Jean ONeill

Master Coach with Neuroscience

Jean comes from a background of over 20 years in executive-level senior administration co-ordination and overseas event management expertise in the corporate environment. It has provided her with an in-depth insight into the increasing demands, pressures and challenges faced by individuals and teams daily at all levels in fast-paced changing work environments.

A mix of overcoming extenuating personal circumstances, evolving and growing in professional change and career transitioning has resulted in Jean developing a 'deep empathy and understanding' on the real-life and workplace challenges, daily stressors and triggers experienced by herself and others.

Without a shadow of a doubt, overcoming her own difficult chapters in life is continuing to provide immense learning, development and growth. Jean greatly understands mindset struggles, resistance to change and the journey that is involved in turning things around. It has equipped and given Jean unprecedented levels of resilience, open-mindedness, non-judgemental attitude, and deep compassion and care towards others and the complex challenges that occur.

These same experiences have led Jean to the person she is today. Someone with ongoing investment in herself, which has aligned her with her own true 'values and beliefs' and how she is consciously honouring these to get the best out of life. Living life in the past tense with regrets is certainly not part of her psychology.

Values & Belief System

Jean’s attitude, values and beliefs towards life tie in profoundly with the positive psychology and fundamental co-active…
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New Direction

Jean’s natural draw to caring about people, combined with her work and life experiences, has led her on a path to initially…
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Bridging Gaps in Human Behaviour for Personal & Professional Effectiveness, Performance & Neuro Wellness

Jean’s unique selling point and game changer are coaching with neuroscience combined with a range of coaching…

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Ongoing Dedication and Commitment to Delivering Professional Quality Coaching Services

For Jean, there is ‘no room for complacency’ and she very much brings this style of thinking into her coaching practice…

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Core Coach Purpose and Mission

Jean’s core purpose and mission are nurturing personal and professional development and growth, performance and change management. Bridging gaps in human behaviour, elevating personal and professional effectiveness, and neuro wellness. Moving people forward with system management and sustainability to bridge to your success.


Diploma in Executive & Life Coaching – PSG (Positive Success Group)
Certificate in Career Coaching – PSG

Certificate in Neuro Wellness Coaching with Neuroscience – PSG

Advanced Diploma Upgrade in Neuroscience – PSG

Certificate in Emotional Intelligence with Neuroscience – PSG

Certified mBIT Coach – multiple Brain Integration Techniques – NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Train the Trainer – DCM Learning
Powerful Presenting – NLP
Member of QCPD - Quality Continuous Professional Development – PSG – Continuous monthly CPD Growth and Development
WACN Membership – World Association of Coaching with Neuroscience – Licensed Coach
Master Coach with Neuroscience – PSG
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