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Patricia Lyons


From the Neuro Wellness course, I wanted to obtain a more positive outlook on life, reverse the effects of having worked and endured through my own choices in a toxic work environment. I wanted to learn techniques for a positive mindset.

The course for me really raised my level of self-awareness.  I got so many benefits from the course in many different aspects. It gave me self-regulation skills and mind tools to understand my triggers and how to adapt and improve and learn to read my body signals in the early stages as stress occurs instead of letting it build up which is normally what would have happened.  Applying tools and new learning and awareness is helping me to experience stress less and lead with more positive energy.

Some of the highlights as I transitioned throughout the course was feeling more balanced, calm and less sensitive to external factors and seeing myself respond better to situations and others.  Learning how to manage my own behaviour is helping me make adjustments and not let others impact me as they would have in the past.  This is really growing my confidence and self-believe.   The course allowed me time out to reflect and invest in my future and move on positively from the impact damaging circumstances had on my life.

Jean delivered a highly engaging course with great content, slides, materials and a variety of helpful tools, models and techniques to suit different needs.  The breakout sessions were very interactive and really helped in learning from others and their experiences and thinking.

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