Client Success Stories

M Conroy

Development Officer

On discovering where my challenges were, Jean recommended Neuro Wellness coaching.  I didn’t know this existed or what it was. However, I was convinced on our initial consultation when I heard Jean describe it as learning how to use my human resources more effectively to save time and energy and support my overall wellness.  I have a typical demanding executive schedule, my wellness was sliding, and what was troubling me most was my time away from my family.

Jean instinctively understood my challenges coming from her vast experience in the corporate world.   We set about breaking down and audited how I was spending my time and energy.  I discovered so many ways in how I was overspending it.

Through an investment habit plan and a look at my lifestyle choices helped get me back on track.  It was a real eye-opener discovering actions and behaviours I needed to drop that was not serving me well.  The coaching resulted in applying daily structured self-management skills.

The Neuro Wellness coaching put emphasis on my wellness in various aspects of my life and how to incorporate that into how I was living my life personally and professionally.  Jean is a fantastic listener, and highly intuitive questions from her greatly helped by-pass what would get in the way of me following through on new commitments I wanted to make to myself.

Not only am I managing my work schedule now at a more sustainable level, I’m taking time to look after my wellness, and I am also getting to spend more time with my wife and kids.  I’m not sure who is more grateful for the coaching I received, me or my wife.  Jean’s commitment as a quality coach shines through, and I can highly recommend her.

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