Client Success Stories

Joe Kelly


During my Emotional Intelligence Coaching with Jean, I learned that different aspects work together, and if I improve one area in EI, it also impacts other aspects of my life. In growing my confidence, I developed skills in making decisions which reduced procrastinating and self-doubt in my ability. I am feeling a more noticeable difference in positively influencing discussions and expressing my thoughts and opinions.

I have developed skills in how to manage myself when emotionally hijacked, which enables me to take on more actions and become less sensitive to other people's reactions.  Reality testing and not making assumptions were key areas that supported my development. Specifically looking at triggers and how they can affect me in a way that I create completely different outcomes for myself in situations has really raised my level of awareness and how I now interact better with others. It helps me look and notice at what I can change in my behaviour so that situations are positive, and I get the right results I want to achieve.

Jean’s guidance through building and developing core EI skills has helped me view myself and others through a completely different lens. I’m not nearly as oversensitive as I used to be, and I have a much more optimistic approach and outlook to situations and how I handle them.  As a coach, Jean was brilliant at getting to the heart of what my concerns were and drawing solutions and answers from me.  I felt very at ease with Jean and developed a great rapport with her, and I’m delighted with my new found confidence and how it helps me in my job and social settings.

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