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Jody McDonagh


To gain clarity on the direction in my life and increase focus with my goals personally and professionally is the main reason that brought me to the Neuro Wellness course to equip me with better skills and consistency in how I go about my life daily.

I certainly feel the course has had a hugely positive effect on my intended goals.  I don’t feel like my head is in the fog anymore, and I now have clarity on how to breakdown goals and make them manageable.  I am going forward with so much more hope, determination and confidence in the knowledge that I can continue to use the tools provided that help me with my mindset and strategy.  I now have the skills on how to stay on track and what is involved in that process as I continue to achieve my goals.

 I am now avoiding the usual pitfalls that were occurring for me before the course in terms of stopping and starting. With the new focus, I am set up to stretch my capabilities with structure, daily disciplines and how I manage my time and energy.  I am better equipped to handle negative thinking and not be as hard on myself.  I also have a better handle on what I will and won’t allow in from others and what I want to prioritise in my relationships and connections and ways I can be more effective in dealing with others.

Learning how to be more in control of my emotions and feelings is now part of my daily self-care and this is instrumental to me building on this for my success and what I want to continue to achieve.  It will certainly help get me over tough batches when I hit road blocks.

Jean delivered an amazing course.  I felt fully engaged for every moment of it.  Everything was so well organised and flawless with energic energy and great course material really helped with digesting it all.  She made the content so relevant with inspirational and personal shares on her own life experiences.  There was high value learning in the breakout sessions getting us to come up with our own solutions and thinking.  I really enjoyed the guest speakers and there was never a dull moment throughout each of the sessions.  The follow on exercises each week really helped lock in and apply the learning and tools to make progress throughout the course and opened up new thinking and perspective each week.  I was in quite a rut ahead of starting the course.  If I only apply even 10% of what I learned I honestly know great things will happen as now I am far more equipped to take on my goals and change.

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