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Jim Bolger

Creative Director

I was curious about Neuro Wellness and how to more consciously direct my energies and focus toward specific actions and goals and overcome the types of mindset challenges that get in the way of that.

Knowing what is going on and happening with me on the inside from a biological perspective in terms of when unexpected emotions spring up, has now equipped me to handle them better.  With new self-awareness and consciousness towards the chemical reactions that occur, I am now in more control of how I react and respond.  This is really helping me manage my energy levels more effectively. Applying this learning is an ongoing practise to support alignment and balance in my life.

I walked away with a greater understanding of how I operate and function in terms of my mind and body.  Having a greater understanding of my emotional and stress triggers and being able to self-regulate is helping me achieve daily wellness with way more emphasis on my self-care.  This new level of mindfulness is putting me more in the driver seat of my life. It is also helping me understand the reactions and behaviours not just in myself, but in others.

Jean O’Neill delivered a powerful course with excellent slides and content.  She is passionate and dedicated to sharing her knowledge in a way that adds values to peoples’ overall coping strategies and personal effectiveness.  The course is filled with so many benefits and helpful tools and techniques on how to achieve wellness and integrate these skills into various areas in your life for fulfilment and overall purpose and success.  Her course notes will be a constant reference point to dip into as I continue to grow and evolve in my endeavours.  I highly recommend the Neuro Wellness course for anyone wanting to make a positive change in their life where you need motivation and skills to help you with that.

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