Client Success Stories

J Delaney

Project Manager Team Leader

Engaging in Emotional Intelligence building with Jean was the right call for me to help me get prepared for a promotion at work which would have peers reporting into me.

The EI assessment that Jean does goes methodically through each of the EI skills.  It was a real learning experience to see where my current strengths are which elevated my confidence. It clearly showed up the areas I needed to develop.  Patterns and trends on my current actions, reactions, attitude and behaviours emerged.  It became apparent pretty fast the new skills I was keen to be more proficient in.

I worked diligently with Jean over the space of 4 coaching sessions.  The most valuable aspect for me was taking the work, learning and tools from the sessions and putting it into practice in my job.  I always had clear direction and clarity at the end of each session on what I wanted to implement, the benefits associated with it and how I was going to approach that and achieve it. 

In the meantime, halfway through the coaching sessions, I got offered the job.  On the second session with Jean, we specifically looked at the EI skills I could develop to help me with interview skills.  That paid off in terms of the answers I was able to deliver at my interview.

The remaining sessions focused on setting me up to grow and evolve in my new position, giving me clarity and focus on how I was going to implement that.

I am thriving in my new position thanks to all the benefits I gained from the EI coaching sessions.  I would classify Jean as an expert in human behaviour and helping people make the most of their strengths and talents.  Jean set me up with an EI investment plan to support sustainability as I progress in my career.  I would describe Jean as a dedicated and professional coach, very engaging and a pleasure to work with.

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