Client Success Stories

Catriona Doyle

HR Consultant

Work-life balance was non-existent for me, and I wanted to get my act together and claw back on the crazy hours I was working and start looking after myself more. 

Going to Jean for Neuro Wellness coaching to map out how I could achieve this make me wake up and take a long hard look at how I was living my life as I had become a work-acholic.  I was tired of the constant broken promises and excuses I was making where my social life and any form of exercise had gone out the window.

The coaching got me back to a place where I learned to value what is actually important in my life.  Working with Jean helped me unblock the obstacles I had been putting in my way.  It also showed up other areas in my life that I had been neglecting.  The coaching allowed me new thinking space and to re-evaluate and get back on track.  This was challenging as I was so set in my ways.  I really needed the accountability in the coaching to overcome resistance I was experiencing to enable me to follow through on new lifestyle choices and decisions. 

Jean was brilliant at helping me overcome my challenges, and I worked really well with her.  It was very rewarding as I started to see the difference in me myself and the new lease of life I had.  Coaching provided a space for me to take a break from the busyness of life.  It gave me a chance to reconnect with myself and gave me clarity and focus on my own identity and priorities.

The coaching was the best investment I made in myself.  How I am living my life now compared to how I was living it, well there is no comparison.  I’m very grateful to Jean for making no judgements, pushing me through barriers and being patient and encouraging in that process with me.

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