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C Coleman


I wanted help with a daunting career decision – whether to retire or stay on teaching. That in itself was an overwhelming task, not knowing how to start making plans. The coaching helped me take action, find information and get clarification on the details involved. It was a big task I'd been avoiding for a long time. As it turned out, it was quite complicated, and Jean helped me break it down and make it manageable and achievable.

Jean was very focused during each session, and her main strength is making me think for myself.  By guiding me with her gentle, searching questions, I was able to think logically and find my own solutions and answers. It wasn't just a chat or pep talk, far from it.  If I started to stray off-topic, she would bring me back on track. There was accountability; checking in on my progress and supporting me to understand the benefits to every task helped me gather momentum.

Being coached by Jean was definitely a positive experience. Through the coaching, I learned new mind skills and tools to apply in other areas of my life. 

The highlight of the coaching was getting clarity that retirement wasn’t an option for me just yet.  Not knowing had me in a place with a feeling of uncertainty. Not only did I get clarity on this; through the coaching, Jean helped me identify ways in which I could start to enjoy my job again.  I had become tired and exhausted in my job, and through the coaching, I was now beginning to take an active interest in my job again and was amazed by the renewed energy I felt. So much so that one year after the coaching, still applying and using what I learned from the sessions, I applied for a senior promotion.  Ahead of the coaching, I would not have dreamed of applying for this position. It has made all the difference going into work now to feel valued and to be experiencing job satisfaction again.  

I couldn’t have predicted all I would get from the coaching process and highly recommend Jean for the difference her coaching made to my life.

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