Neuro Wellness & Nature Hike Retreat – September and October 2021

It gives Jean great pleasure to announce her latest upcoming Neuro Wellness Events.
When – Choose from one of the following date options: 
10-12 September 2021 {Check-in: Friday 10 September, Check-out: Sunday 12 September}
8-10 October 2021 {Check-in: Friday 8 October, Check-out: Sunday 10 October}

Castlegregory, situated in the north side of the Dingle Peninsula, is an idyllic sheltered bay at the foot of the sandy Maharees.

Important: Organised in line with COVID-19 government guidelines and regulations.
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Exploring Neuro Wellness & Nature Hike Retreat

Combining the blend of Neuro Wellness Coaching & Nature has been specifically crafted to allow spaciousness for new thinking and raised levels of consciousness to occur. An intentional environment is being created to bring the morning learnings (training room based), reflections and discoveries into an afternoon session (outdoors) of a calm, grounded and safe space that naturally occurs when exposed to the elements and essence of nature. Thanks to the biophilia hypothesis from biologist Edward Wilson he defines biophilia as the "urge to affiliate with other forms of life".

As humans, we have an innate and genetically determined affinity and draw to nature and a change of scenery that does us the power of good, alleviating stress from our systems. The benefits of this 'return' us to our 'natural equilibrium and state of being', supporting social engagement and the learning process. Naturally getting outdoors in the beauty of nature evokes our senses and feelings of wellbeing. Physical exercise also supports our chemical balance and the release of 'feel-good' neurotransmitters endorphins (energy) and serotonin (happy and warm mood chemicals).

The Essence of the Blended Retreat

The morning programme lends itself to engaging in group training, coaching, learning and discovery and breakout sessions. The evening programme facilitates you having one-to-one access to me on the 'hike and talk' trails to share your thoughts and perspective, ask questions and share your reflections on how you wish to apply the learning into your life. Equally, you get a chance on the hike to connect with the other participants and explore and learn from each other.

You are also welcome to switch off and enjoy the hike, soak up being 'present', embracing the views and surrounds. Fun chats or spaciousness and thinking time to yourself is advocated. You are the expert of you, so whatever works best for you is encouraged, respected and welcome to ensure you have an enjoyable, stress-free experience. Walking away from the retreat, feeling refreshed with a sense of recovery from the busyness of life's demands and challenges is only one of many outcomes anticipated. Emerging with elevated levels of resourcefulness with new 'insights, skills, tools and techniques' to activate consistent wellness and balance in terms of daily self-management and future sustainability, harnessing a meaningful, successful journey in life is my wish for you.
Two-day Neuro Wellness Coaching and Training (morning programme) with Jean O’Neill, Master Coach with Neuroscience.
Accommodation in Harbour House B&B Leisure Centre including breakfast, breaks and lunch x 2 days
Transfers to Nature Hikes (evening programme) – Walk and talk x 2 days
Hike Locations (light and easy access walking trails, general walking fitness levels suffice):
Day 1 - Enjoy a coastal drive that leads to the stunning Glanteenasssig Forest Woods of mountains, streams, lakes, waterfalls and trails
Day 2 – Rugged countryside transfer to the majestic Annascaul countryside, a taste of the Dingle Way Kerry Camino trails

Neuro Wellness Course Details and Booking Event

To secure your place and registration book now. This event is limited to a small group to ensure and maintain social distancing regulations.

To fully appreciate all this Neuro Wellness Coaching and Nature Hike Retreat offers, please download the brochure for full details of the course outline and programme. View my testimonials section to see how Neuro Wellness Coaching has positively impacted and helped others.

Deposit and Payment Plan Options Available

Final payments are due by:

Wednesday 1 September (for the September event)
Wednesday 29 September (for the October event)

All enquires are welcome.
Please get in touch with Jean: +353 86 80 36 024 or e-mail:
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